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Alicia Farris is an award winning artist and instructor and works in watercolor, acrylic and oil. Alicia loves to share her knowledge and passion and gains great inspiration by teaching her workshops. 

The personalities and flavors of people that she encounters in day-to-day life definitely inspire her work. Even if it’s for trying to just capture a mood, she usually has one had on her camera when she’s in a crowd. She tries to recreate not just an image, but mood, light, and colors that capture her imagination. Alicia likes to isolate what seems common and try to recreate it in a different light, all the while, providing a source of emotion for the viewer. 

Her work has won numerous awards and has been exhibited in galleries and private collections in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Connecticut, North Carolina, Minnesota, Michigan, and California. 

Some of the artists who have greatly inspired me are Fealing Lin, Don Andrews, George Kauntoupis, Marilynne Bradley, and Sandy Baker, just to name a few. With art, I feel that I’m on a continual and wondrous journey. I am constantly gaining new knowledge and inspiration, and I expect that will continue as long as my heart does. 

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  • St. Louis Watercolor Society
  • Missouri Watercolor Society
  • Southwestern Watercolor Society
  • Missouri Valley Impressionist Society
  • National Watercolor Society
  • Juried member of Best of Missouri Hands
  • Springfield Regional Arts Council
  • Visual Artists Alliance of Springfield
  • Springfield Plein Air
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Art provides the opportunity to capture and share the spirit and personality of a subject, whether animate or not. I like to isolate what seams common and recreate it in a different light, all the while, creating a source of emotion and cause for reflection from the viewer. In my travels and at home, the flavors of people that I encounter definitely inspire my work. I am also lucky to have the beauty of the Ozarks as subject matter any time I wish!

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