SRAC artist Alicia Farris receives Texas award, commissioned for DC museum

Alicia Farris

Alicia Farris was thrilled to receive the prestigious Edgar A. Whitney Transparent Watercolor award in the recent 54 Annual exhibit of the Southwestern Watercolor Society in Richardson Texas. The painting is titled, "I Only Have Eyes for You".


Alicia was also hugely humbled and extremely honored to have been commissioned to paint nine large paintings for installation into hospitality rooms at the Museum of the Bible, Washington D.C. These particular rooms will be available to scholars and heads of state from around the world when they come to visit the museum. Each room will have a specific theme represented by each painting. The 430,000 sq. ft. Museum of the Bible, which is set to open mid-November 2017, will focus on the historical impact of the Bible, and will be free to the public. The works have been completed and are scheduled to head to Washington D.C. by mid October. These are two of the works: "Acacia Tree" and "Sea of Galilee".

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