Studio 55 Art Guild Meeting featuring painter David Tummons

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David Tummons, a 1969 graduate of Hillcrest High School owner of Swank Salon on East Sunshine, is a noted and exhibited painter of a style he calls "Impressionistic Realism". In high school and the beginning of his art career he drew in a photo realistic style. Now he works in a much looser style.

Many of the paintings feature horses, which have always been part of Tummons’ life. “I grew up in a rodeo environment,” he said, “and have enjoyed creating pieces that remind me of that period in my life. My folks had a quarter horse business north of Springfield.”

“I have a tendency to march to the beat of a different drummer,” Tummons wrote in his artist’s statement. “I believe all people have some form of God-given talent; mine started early in the form of drawing. (My) pieces were originally more photo realistic, but I began to feel the need to let my energy and imagination go a little crazy.”

The program will start at 1:00pm on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at the National Avenue Christian Church, 1515 S. National Avenue, Springfield, Mo. 65804. Admission is free and open to the public. Following the presentation, Studio 55 Fine Arts Guild members and visitors are invited to participate in an artist “show and share." 

Studio 55 is a member of the Springfield Regional Arts Council and was organized in 1996. It is composed of visual artists of all media and various levels of expertise and those that enjoy art. We are dedicated to support, educate and develop artists and promote art in Springfield and the surrounding communities. Our monthly programs and meetings are free and open to the public. They are held in the Gallery at National Avenue Christian Church, 1515 S. National Ave.

See us online at or on Facebook: Studio 55 Fine Arts Guild. For more information contact Sandra Letson at 417-869-7812, webmaster.

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