Any Given Child

Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child


To ensure that all children in the Springfield (MO) community are guaranteed a rich and full arts education.


"Any Given Child" in practice...


Missouri State University Dance

Missouri State University has been a presenting agency with Any Given Child since 2013. All SPS eighth-grade students have the opportunity to attend two performances at the university. A theatre production is hosted in the fall, and a dance performance is hosted each spring, lending a unique experience as exposure to dance as an art form is limited in public schools. Students are given the opportunity to interact with performers. SPS has prepared teacher curriculum guides linked to the performances with pre-experience an post-experience guides.



Springfield Regional Opera



Springfield Symphony Orchestra


Since 1969, the Springfield Symphony Orchestra’s annual Young People's Concerts have impacted over 250,000 fourth grade children from all Springfield R-12 district schools, 50 area school districts, and students from private, parochial and home schools in Southwest Missouri. Each of the Young People's Concerts is specifically designed to be an in-depth learning experience and an opportunity to listen to live symphonic music and to gain valuable exposure to the elements of musical styles and eras.

The Springfield Symphony works with Springfield Public Schools and the Springfield arts community as members of the Any Given Child program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Selected because of a demonstrated commitment to the improvement of education in and through the arts, the Symphony participates in collaborative efforts to provide equity and access in arts education for all students.



Peter and The Wolf at Drury University


Springfield Art Museum


Springfield Ballet


My Studio To Go



Springfield Little Theatre



Sculpture Walk Springfield



Springfield Regional Arts Council & Any Given Child






Action Plan

Strategies Action Steps

Strategy 1:

Maintain quality of and participation in existing effective K-8 arts programs

  • Monitor funding sources to ensure sustainability for K-5 grade-level experiences with Springfield Ballet, Drury University Theatre Department, Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Springfield Little Theatre, and Springfield Art Museum
  • Recognize and celebrate (showcase) ongoing K-5 grade-level programs provided by Springfield Ballet, Drury University Theatre Department, Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Springfield Little Theatre, and Springfield Art Museum
  • Preserve existing instructional delivery for K-8 music and visual arts classroom

Strategy 2:

Expand/Enhance access to current K-8 arts programs

  • Explore the feasibility of partnership for shared staff position to coordinate community arts education offerings
  • Utilize the Arts in Education Fund for additional financial support for community-based arts experiences
  • Identify funding sources to deepen arts field trip experiences through artist-in-residence opportunities
  • Increase access to community-based visual arts opportunities in the primary grades
  • Develop instruments to determine efficacy and outcomes of community-based arts experiences
  • Increase collaboration among teachers and arts organizations to develop and/or revise materials which prepare students for community-based arts field trips

Strategy 3:

Initiate additional opportunities for engagement in K-8 arts programs

  • Grow capacity in the Arts in Education Fund to provide support for existing and emerging grade-level arts experiences
  • Explore implementation of a SPS Fine Arts choice school
  • Expand opportunities for K-8 students to participate in Drama/Theatre, Dance/Creative Movement, and Film programs through their schools
  • Provide arts-related and arts-integrated professional development for K-8 classroom teachers, fine arts teachers and teaching artists
    • Identify school site(s) interested in implementing arts-integration programming
    • Explore innovative scheduling strategies to provide additional collaborative planning time for classroom teachers, fine arts specialists and teaching artists