James Landis

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As many artists a talent for art appeared early in life and again, as many artists, a revival of art has occurred later in life. Portraiture has captured my attention at this point in my journey and growth as an artist. I thoroughly enjoy the process of portraiture and find that all the foundational instruction that I have gathered over the years is put into use in the execution of a portrait. At this point in my life I am working in pastel, but eagerly wait for an opportunity to get back into oil and someday I would love to try sculpture. I have an associates degree from Munson Williams Proctor Institute located in Utica, NY.

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Every portrait is approached with the utmost respect and reverence not only for the people involved, but also for the artwork that is meant to endure to future generations. Every portrait I produce is pursued with the goal of the resultant work being the very best I can produce.

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