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John E Fyv is a pop/street artist who works with handcut stencils, Fyv also works in abstract and geometric art. Most of his pieces are very loud, bright, and colorful. 

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Growing up I always loved hip hop culture and the art of graffiti. I spent a lot of my childhood doodling my friends names in different fonts and graffiti styles. Trains and abandoned buildings were always appealing to me as they were like free public art shows. As I got older I started to experiment with creating aerosol art myself, I lost interest overtime and decided I wanted to work with stencils rather than freehanding graffiti styles as the resources for graffiti in my hometown were not there. Where I’m from graffiti is considered a crime and frowned upon regardless of how appealing it is or how much work goes into it. Stencil work on canvas has become my specialty and recently I have taken on reusing and recycling anything I can into street art to drop around town and leave free art for people to pick up without having to vandalize anyone’s property. It’s a win-win. My stencil work is heavily influenced by artists such as Andy Warhol, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Keith Haring. I have no college background, everything I have adventured into has been self-taught. My abstract and geometric works are always an experiment. I go into them with no plan whatsoever. I just out the brush to the canvas and hope it turns out appealing.

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