Sarah Massey

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I am a student at Drury University in my Senior year studying Animation and Arts Administration

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· After Effects – 2 years’ experience

· Toon Boom – 4 months’ experience

· Lightwave: Modeler and Layout - 2 years’ experience

· Photoshop – 2 years’ experience


· Drury University Education Department | Educational Chess Videos for Kids | Animator and Modeler | Current

Modeled a chess set, and chess piece characters. Animated 2D and 3D opening titles, end credits, and visual effects.

· Drury University Communication Department | DUTV Bumpers | Group Director

Assigned to animate TV bumpers for Computer Animation II. Directed team on the project. Modeled, textured, and animated 3D objects.

· Drury University Theater Department: With Two Wings Theater Production | Animation Designer | Spring 2017

Animated characters flying across the stage for the production. Animated silhouettes of the characters in 3D. Animated 2D wings with Photoshop.


Animation and Arts Administration | Bachelor of Arts

Drury University | May 2020

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