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As an art educator, my canvas was my classroom for many years. Now retired, I can channel and direct that creative energy in my own art. I was also a teacher that needed variety and was always trying something new with my students. I have learned so much from my students and fellow art teachers; they are the people who influence me today. I have a strong connection to the natural world and I am a person who needs the outdoors and nature. Animals and plants, flora and fauna are my inspiration for much of my art. I am constantly trying new techniques, taking workshops, etc. As a result the variety of subjects and methods in my art may appear eclectic. I find that it keeps me working at my art. I have always loved watercolor and clay. Watercolor seems to fit the nature of my painting. Clay is my 3-D medium and allows me to think and work in a different way. Working in 3-D improves what I do in painting. I find I need to do both. I enjoy the process of making art. It keeps me balanced and sane and makes my life richer. I cannot imagine living a life without art.

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