Dana Neuenschwander

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Dana Neuenschwander resides in Nixa, Missouri with her husband David.  Dana attended Drury University where she earned an Associates degree in Studio Art (1996) and Bachelors in Fine Art (2018). Currently attends Fort Hayes State University Online pursuing MLA in Art History.




Dana has a diverse portfolio; she specialized in automotive airbrush for over fifteen years. During that time she had the pleasure to create work for John Paul Dejoria and Patron Tequila, The St. Louis Blues Hockey team and Merle Haggard. Past employment  includes: design/photo editor for Baldwin Studios, Floral designer for Stokes Floral Shop, Hazels Flowers & Smitty's Floral, Furniture Painter for Guildmaster Inc.

Artist statement

The themes I explore are rooted in everyday items and spaces we interact with. Objects that inhabit our living spaces or the cityscapes / landscapes we traverse through daily without much consideration.   These spaces and objects are expressed using the natural opposition related to near/far, light/dark spaces and the shapes they inherently describe. It is an invitation to the viewer to imagine how their own lives connect with the work.  It does not expect to create a definitive statement about the spaces or objects rather a pose a situation of which the result or activity is to be imagined.

My medium of choice is acrylic paint; it allows me to respond quickly to my subject, layering in color and building shapes as I move through my observations of the subject. My intent is to stop the action or busyness so one might further explore these relationships of motion, the condition of which things are happening, and the mystery of purpose.

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