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My formal trainning involves studies with well know St. Louis artist and teacher Dhimitri Zonia. As a member of the South County Art Association, I worked as an oil painter. My education lead me to study Design and Contempory Art History at Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas.

In 2006, I began research to study fabric art. I joined the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild and became a member of Quilt Odyssey Art Quilters and the Studio 55 Senior's Arts Guild. I took Docent Training from the Educational Director of the Springfield City Art Museum and became a Docent in 2007.

I have now become a Mixed Media Artist, combining my painting and sewing skills, and have been exhibiting in both local galleries and national shows since 2007.

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After working for many years as an oil painter, I have made a successful transition to Fiber Arts. Learning a new medium is equivalent to learning a new language; not just expression on the flat, two-dimensional surface, but rather, entering into the world of actual texture. I spent several years learning the basics of quilting and exploring the possibilities of diverse commercial and hand dyed fabrics. My alphabet is a basic knowledge of the elements of art and principles of design. I now communicate through tactile structure and color. Most of my work is representational with elements of the surreal. I explore the world of the third dimension and find the journey quite challenging and rewarding. Introducing the mediums of paint, thread and embellishment only enriches the experience. My desire is to bring enjoyment and thoughtful contemplation, whenever possible. Communication and expression is my goal. I feel the viewer should be the judge.

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