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Larry showed impressive artistic talent at a young age and developed his skills towards a career in commercial illustration. He eventually built a client list that included Warner Brothers and the Walt Disney Company. With this expertise he was offered a position as an artist with Hallmark Cards. In the midst of tight deadlines and constant revisions, Larry missed the joy of creating that he remembered from childhood and began to paint for himself. He found inspiration in the Impressionists and the Hudson River School. Along with studio work he committed to painting outdoors or "en plein air" which he found both a fast track for creative growth and a good excuse to outside. In 2011 Larry left the corporate world to paint full time. He is currently represented by 4 galleries in Missouri and Colorado and his paintings have won many regional and national awards. Larry and his wife Gina live in Ozark, Missouri.

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It’s not unusual to find Larry DeGraff at the end of a dirt road, brush in hand, trying to capture the light unique to that place and time. His goal: to share the beauty all around that we are too busy to see.

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