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M. Scott Phifer — “Unplanned Parts”

When I am painting, I am having a conversation with the canvas, paint and eventually the artwork itself. Sometimes the conversation is a short chat. Sometimes the conversation is a long drawn out affair that takes weeks. And because of that, I believe, my artwork reflects my life. There are a few overwhelming themes in my artwork, family and friends, love, angels and mothers.

One of my favorite quotes about art is “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” by Scott Adams. My artwork is a great representation of this. Except I prefer to call them either “unplanned parts” or “happy accidents”. I paint and see what happens. If something isn’t as I thought it would be and I like it, I enhance it.

In the end, I have a painting that I can share with everyone. I do the art and I let others see and feel what they will from it.

M. Scott Phifer
August 17, 2016

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