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Meike Aton has engaged in various art forms. She spins wool and alpaca fibers, weaving them into intricate, original tapestries. She has also worked in oil and acrylic, painting, largely self taught. Wanting more professional guidance, she took classes from instructors at the Brevard Art Museum in 2010. She also worked on with Frits van Eeden and feels most strongly influenced by his loose generous style of painting. Meike is inspired by nature, color and movement. Meike often paints a topic simultaneously on two canvasses, with each canvass developing differently. "It’s intriguing to observe the different outcomes," she notes. Meike’s paintings are recognizable through her choice of strong, vibrant colors, and lively but serene movements. Meike's works have been exhibited in museums, and fine art galleries in Missouri, Florida and Germany.

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1200 E Woodhurst Dr Building K
Springfield, MO  65804

Artist statement

It is my intention to create enjoyable art. I want the viewer to feel drawn into my work through it's color, subject matter or simply by arousing curiosity that asks to be satisfied. The process of creating a painting gives me great joy. Once the subject is chosen, I delve into the matter, losing all sense of time and place. If the time at hand is limited, I set an alarm to wake and bring me back to the here and now. I appreciate my fellow artists and enjoy taking their classes — there is always something new to be discovered.

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