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Penny received her B.A. in Fine Arts (Drawing and Print Making) from the University of Louisville and has studied painting with Todd Lowery and Jacqueline Warren at Drury University.  She travels frequently and uses photographs taken on her journeys as a starting point for many of her paintings. 

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As an observer of and a participant in the natural world, I cannot help but react with wonder, amusement, joy and curiosity to what I see and experience. These reactions compel me to paint from the heart, not with a historical or objective eye. As a result, my paintings become imagined settings, conveying feelings about a particular time and place or about the gifts of the earth. Unapologetically, I also react to places and objects through the lens of faith, a faith in a loving, actively involved creator. As expressed in one of my favorite Celtic poem/prayers, my faith calls me to treat all humans and all creation with respect and wonder. “The world is alive with your goodness, O God, it grows green from the ground and ripens into the roundness of fruit. Its taste and its touch enliven my body and stir my soul. Generously given profusely displayed your graces of goodness pour forth from the earth. As I have received so free me to give. As I have been granted so may I give.” Adapted from “Celtic Benediction” by J. Philip Newell. It is this respect and wonder that calls me to celebrate the timeless beauty and bounty and that is what I strive to express in my paintings.

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