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I’ve experimented with lots of artistic mediums over the years: sculpting, watercolors, acrylics, oil paint, collage, and other mixed medias.   I had mild success creating recognizable forms, figures and structures.    However, it wasn’t until I discovered cold wax mixed with oil paint as my base ingredient  that I really found my creative voice.

I love the layers I can create and sometimes I feel like an archeologist (my childhood dream job) when I start stripping back the layers to reveal the history of all those colors and marks.  Adding in graphite,  dry oil pigments, chalk, ink and embellishing with oils sticks and pastels means that the sky is the limit with what I can create.

I’ve moved from the recognizable to mostly non-object, abstract work.  Many people are uncomfortable with images in which they can’t discern a recognizable object.

I personally think that the abstract forces you to use different parts of your brain to process what you’re seeing and allows you the opportunity, if you’re so inclined,  to access deeply felt emotions and feelings.

I am inspired by nature including  earth, sky,  water and the sandstone bluffs that surround the rivers of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas.  Although not intentional, much of my work seems to echo those rhythms.

I’m also inspired by circles, spirals, lines and squares.  They can show up in  unexpected ways but their presence is familiar and comforting.

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