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Addie Blankenship never thought she was an artist, but that all changed when she was diagnosed with a mental illness.  During recovery, Addie began to paint what she felt she could not express.  Now she has dedicated her talent to painting the struggles and victories of those who battle a mental illness.  Addie uses acrylic paint on canvass for most of her projects.

Addie holds a degree in Religion from Liberty University, and is currently finishing her second degree in Human Services with Evangel University.  She will continue on to become a therapist.  She has twin six year old boys and another four year old boy.  She has been married to her husband Bryon for eight years.  She has lived in Springfield for almost two years now and plan to settle here.  Addie grew up in a musical home, and is also a songwriter.  Along with her painting she composes music and works with her husband in the studio.

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What inspires my art is that, perhaps the biggest struggle in the journey of mental illness is feeling alone and misunderstood. My artwork is not only an outlet that I can share what I feel, but also hope to connect others and inspire them to see the beauty in what seems like a painful season. Though dark days are present our burdens can be seen as beautiful pieces that make us who we are and who we will be in the future. My paintings are a way for others to understand me, and also so that I can understand myself. Using acrylics on canvass, I paint simply and I paint from the heart. My desire is to let people into my mind so they can understand not only me, but all suffering from a diagnosis with mental illness.

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