Board of Directors



Jennifer Jester

Cindy Lear
(Immediate Past President)

Vice President

Marty Goodnight


Cynthia Lipscomb


Rachel Elsberry

Board of Directors

Jeff Cumley, ex-officio
Martin Gugel, ex-officio
Kat Allie
Sally Baird
Joshua Best
Kristy Chastain
Tessa Diehl
Lyle Foster
Judith Garson
Corey Kilburn
Winter Kinne
Kristi Kittleson
Nichole Lemmon
Betty Parnell
Heather Rooney McBride
Kara Remington
Allin Sorenson
Anna Squires

If you are interested in a committee assignment with the SRAC, please contact us at 417-862-2787(ARTS) or at Thank you for your interest!