Auditions: An Enemy of the People

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By Henrik Ibsen
Directed by Richard Dines
When: Monday & Tuesday, February 19 & 20, 2018 at 6:30p.m.
Where: Springfield Contemporary Theatre, 431 S Jefferson Ave, Suite 136
Rehearsals: begin March 26, 2018
Performances: April 27-29, May 4-6, 11-13, 2018
Auditions will be cold readings from the script.
About the show: When Dr. Thomas Stockmann discovers toxic contamination in the water used at the local baths, he expects to be hailed as a hero. But since the baths are the town's main source of revenue, the community fights to silence him as Dr. Stockmann learns there are forces more powerful than truth. A town in water crisis – refuting science as it conflicts with business and political interests – the ethics and repercussions of whistleblowing – today’s headlines scream out from Ibsen’s classic 1882 play brought to stage in this fresh, fast-paced, thrilling new adaptation.
Roles (7 men, 2 women + townspeople):
Dr. Thomas Stockmann (40’s-50’s) practicing medical doctor who has an appetite for life, loves his family and his newfound prosperity. Idealistic, excitable, deeply principled and more than a little naïve.
Peter Stockmann (50’s-60’s) chairman of the baths committee, mayor and Thomas Stockman’s older brother. Gets things done. Extremely disciplined, efficient and shrewd.
Catherine Stockmann (40’s) is the wife of Dr. Thomas Stockmann. Pretty and charming, in an understated way, with a pioneering spirit.
Petra Stockmann (early 20’s) is the daughter of Dr. Thomas Stockmann and a schoolteacher. She is notable for both her independent thinking and for the support she offers her father. Strong, defiant, and pretty.
Morten Kiil (60’s-70’s) A gregarious and feisty old man, Kiil owns several of the tanneries that Dr. Stockmann implicates in his water pollution report. He is the adoptive father of Mrs. Stockmann, and his will assigns a good deal of wealth to her and her children.
Hovstad (40’s-50’s) is the editor of The People's Messenger, the town's leftist newspaper. Although slightly corrupt, he is at heart a political radical. Robust, righteous, middle class.
Billing (late 20s-early 40s) An assistant at the newspaper, he is a radical, like Hovstad, but he is also ambitious and plans to run for office. He is charming and quick-witted, and in some way courting Petra.
Captain Horster (50’s-60’s) A brawny ship captain who has little interest in local politics. Ruddy, robust.
Aslaksen (40’s-60’s) A bespectacled, mouse-like newspaper's printer with shifty ways.
Townspeople, a small ensemble of three to five actors who join the audience as citizens attending the public meeting.

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