The Art Of Nature at The Springfield Nature Center

The Art Of Nature

Visual Arts Alliance of Springfield (VAAS) has been invited to display artwork at The Springfield Nature Centers’ show, "The Art of Nature," which is currently showing, and  running until April 30, 2018.

You'll  be inspired by the beauty of the great outdoors!

Stop by the main building where you'll see some outstanding local Artists’ interpretations of nature.

“Missouri” is the featured topic and VAAS has put a twist on it. Come check out the display!

It's a great opportunity to set your sites on visiting a beautiful part of our city, The Springfield Nature Center! The trees are starting to bud, the birds are singing, the deer are grazing, and the turkeys are strutting (these guys are easily viewed strutting from within the glass viewing room where they are seen eating seed, which has dropped from the bird feeders.)