Dustin Burgert at Obelisk Home

Obelisk Home

Obelisk Home is excited to host the artwork of Dustin Burgert this upcoming First Friday Art Walk.
Join us for the opening night of Boxcar
Friday, May 3rd.
The art show will open at 6 PM, during First Friday Art Walk.

"Inspiration drawn from railroad car graffiti is the foundation for my show, Boxcar. I’ve never minded being stopped by a train that was loaded down with Graffiti art, seeing the different colors, techniques, and styles zooming by. Each car different but similar bounded by the capacity of technique you get with spray paint. I challenged myself to come up with pieces that not only reflected graffiti but pieces that ease the mind with the use of cool colors and relaxed shapes. You won’t find spray paint in this collection, but hopefully, you will catch the essence of that old train car clinking by." - Dustin Burgert