Springfield Symphony Orchestra: Extreme Wild

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SSO presents two iconic pieces, by Gershwin and Stravinsky, in its April 1 show: Extreme Wild.The edge-of-your-seat symphonic action goes into top gear in a concert of musical fireworks, savage rhythms, and extreme virtuosity for our soloist  and orchestra alike. The concert opens with audience-thriller pianist Alexander Tutunov on George Gershwin's jazzy and explosive "Piano Concerto in F." The second half features Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring," a ballet featuring primitive rituals celebrating the advent of spring, in which a young girl is chosen as a sacrificial victim and dances herself to death. "Rite of Spring" was revolutionary for its use of aboriginal and Russian folk music in a setting for ballet, and it continues to amaze and astound audiences today with its intense rhythms and haunting, untamed melodies.

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