Call for artists: Drury on C-Street celebrates diversity of experience

The Drury on C-Street gallery invites artists to submit work encapsulates the idea of representation, diversity, and how being represented makes you feel. The Representing Reality exhibition will run April 7 to April 31, 2017.

There is a serious lack of diversity in mainstream media and too often a huge part of our population is left feeling under represented. Yet, in those moments when suddenly there is a character with whom you identify, who represents your culture or your experience, it can be the most powerful, liberating feeling. Finally, there is someone just like you who can still be the hero of the story. Creating and maintaining diversity in mainstream media is an invitation to be included in a narrative you never thought you could be a part of. When heroes share the color of your skin, religion, gender, sexuality, or disability, it is a validation of your existence and experience. It is empowering to have the confirmation that you are seen and your story is being told.

Artists of any age are welcome to submit up to two pieces of work by March 31, 2017. All mediums are welcome. 

Email for more information.