Supernatural: Live Parodies – "Wendigo"

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– The second installment of the new Supernatural live parody show in Springfield –
Sam and Dean Winchester are on the hunt and in search of their missing father, John. Following clues from John’s last journal entry, they find themselves in Blackwater Ridge, Colorado, where several campers have been found mysteriously mauled. Local rangers have chalked it up to bear attacks, but the Winchester brothers seem unsure.
When they meet a local woman named Haley whose brother had disappeared into the woods, Sam and Dean agree to help find him. As the group heads out to investigate, they realize very quickly that they’re facing more than they had bargained for – a wispy figure is on their trail, and the hunters become the hunted.
Will our heroes find Haley’s brother and escape the trail of the Wendigo? Will the Winchesters get any closer to finding their father? Find out on Saturday, July 15, at Springfield Improv Theater! Come hunting with us!
Presented by A Class Act Productions
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