acrylic on canvas

Farley Lewis

Beauty touches the soul and awakens something in us. I feel more alive after walking along a creek, or through autumn leaves, and capturing those glimpses of beauty is my goal as an artist. 

M. Scott Phifer

M. Scott Phifer — “Unplanned Parts”

When I am painting, I am having a conversation with the canvas, paint and eventually the artwork itself. Sometimes the conversation is a short chat. Sometimes the conversation is a long drawn out affair that takes weeks. And because of that, I believe, my artwork reflects my life. There are a few overwhelming themes in my artwork, family and friends, love, angels and mothers.

Addie Blankenship

What inspires my art is that, perhaps the biggest struggle in the journey of mental illness is feeling alone and misunderstood. My artwork is not only an outlet that I can share what I feel, but also hope to connect others and inspire them to see the beauty in what seems like a painful season. Though dark days are present our burdens can be seen as beautiful pieces that make us who we are and who we will be in the future. My paintings are a way for others to understand me, and also so that I can understand myself. Using acrylics on canvass, I paint simply and I paint from the heart.

Dana Neuenschwander

The themes I explore are rooted in everyday items and spaces we interact with. Objects that inhabit our living spaces or the cityscapes / landscapes we traverse through daily without much consideration. Each work is a snapshot, leading through an avenue of space.  This is expressed using the natural opposition related to near/far, light/dark spaces and the shapes they inherently describe.

Meike Aton

It is my intention to create enjoyable art. I want the viewer to feel drawn into my work through it's color, subject matter or simply by arousing curiosity that asks to be satisfied. The process of creating a painting gives me great joy. Once the subject is chosen, I delve into the matter, losing all sense of time and place. If the time at hand is limited, I set an alarm to wake and bring me back to the here and now. I appreciate my fellow artists and enjoy taking their classes — there is always something new to be discovered.

Stephanie Cramer

I see the painter as analogous to an actor/director bringing the viewer along to new places, memories, dreams, and family histories. I like to give the viewer space to interpret what they see on the canvas. 
Center stage in my art is the figure - an object in motion, as if the figure is caught, just for an instant; a glimpse, a snapshot before the gesture is complete. I'm not in search of exact representation. I'm intent rather on provoking a sense of tension or intensity. These plus color, bring the emotion to the painting.