Wax and Wane: The Art of Kat Allie

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Visit Obelisk Home during the August Artwalk to explore the encaustic work of talanted artist and educator Kat Allie!

Artist Statement
“In this new series, “Wax & Wane", I challenged myself by limiting color and creating shapes, lines, and textures only using black, white, gold, and silver. The subject matter is found within the 8 phases of the moon as well as the symbolic and emotional relationship between humans and the Moon's lunar effects. Cycles of waxing and waning flow through our lives creating moments of action and energy yet they are balanced by times of rest and reflection. My process of encaustic painting also becomes an organic cycle of layering beeswax and then scraping away at the surface to reveal translucent surfaces. Creating harmony between all of the elements is where balance and beauty exist.”

—Kat Allie

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