Supernatural: Live Parodies – "Scarecrow"

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Supernatural parody
Sam and Dean Winchester – two Midwest brothers raised as Hunters to track down ghosts, demons, and other creatures of the paranormal. They’re on a quest to find their father who has disappeared, leaving only a journal behind of his adventures for his sons to follow his trail.
After a long bout of silence from their father, the brothers receive a call from John ordering them to head to Indiana to investigate the yearly disappearances occurring in the small town of Burketsville – couples passing through seem to vanish and John wants the boys to check it out. Dean’s ready to go on another mission and fulfill their father’s request, but Sam has had enough of John’s silence and neglect, so Dean heads to Indiana while Sam leaves for San Francisco to find their dad.
On the way, Sam meets Meg, an enigmatic woman who has a pension for music and hitchhiking. She just so happens to be on the road to California herself to pave her way to a new life. Sam makes friends with her, though unaware that she carries a dark secret of her own.
Meanwhile, back in Indiana, Dean is having a difficult time getting any info from the locals. He visits a diner famous for their apple pie that the missing couples driving through may have stopped at. Dean gets a not-so homely welcome from the owners who send him on down the road. He stops in an orchard to have a look around and encounters a surreptitious scarecrow with an appearance more terrifying than it has any right to be.
What secrets does this small town from Indiana hold? Does the scarecrow have anything to do with it? Will Dean find who or what is behind the mystery, and will Sam make it to California to locate their father? Come find out in the fourth installment of Supernatural: Live Parodies on Saturday, September 16, at Springfield Improv Theater! Come hunting with us!
September 16, 2017
9:00–10:00 pm
10:30–11:30 pm
Presented by A Class Act Productions
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