Support the SRAC: Attend Indulge in Kat Allie's honor

SRAC Board Member Kat Allie will be featured at 417 Magazine's Indulge—tickets purchased in her honor would help her win $1,000 for the SRAC. Purchase tickets here!

Nearly 3,000 students have sat in Kat Allie's classroom over the years. Before she began overseeing OTC's fine arts and humanities department, she taught courses at Missouri State and OTC, jobs which led her to exactly where she needed to be. "During that first semester, everything in my life just clicked," Allie says of her return to school to earn bachelor's and master's degrees in painting. "As far as being a teacher, I feel as if my biggest goal is to be extremely encouraging and help students reframe their way of thinking."

Encouragement is also the goal when it comes to Allie's daughter, 11-year-old Zoe. "She has this really, really bright red-orange hair," Allie says, sharing one of the many things she loves about her child. "I tell her I'm proud of her every night. It's so important for a child to get a sense of
security and self on a consistent basis when they're young."

Allie spends a lot of her free time painting-she's a board member of the Springfield Regional Arts Council, and she donates many of her works to nonprofit organizations. "I think art, and anything in the creative world-that's what encourages people's lives," Allie says. She mentions how both OTC and the Springfield Regional Arts Council include transforming lives and enriching the community in their respective mission statements. "Transform and transform, and community and community," Allie says. "That's what I do every day."


- 417 Magazine