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Shakespeare Audition Workshop Springfield Arts

Ever wanted to expand your performance horizons and audition for a Shakespeare play? Maybe you have auditioned for Shakespeare previously, but you want to do a deeper dive into how to analyze the text and bring your performance to the next level. Or, maybe you you just want to shake off a Shakespeare phobia. Any way you look at it, this totally free audition workshop is for you.

Hosted by The Art of Shakespeare/Shakespeare at the Columns and led by local playwright, actor, and director Bryant Turnage, this workshop will help you hone your skills and get you ready to audition for any Shakespeare play. We will talk theory, give some demonstrations, and you will apply your learning to assigned monologues that you will then perform. Study, practice, and perform, all in one afternoon.

Please join us at 1:00, Sunday, October 1, 2017 at The Creamery Arts Center at 411 N Sherman Pkwy in Springfield. The workshop is free and open to anyone interested in getting a leg up on auditioning for Shakespeare.

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