Summer Solstice Fair

Moon City Creative District's second annual Summer Solstice Fair will take place at Lafayette Park on Saturday, June 16, from 10am to 6pm. This event features over 22 fine artists, live music, and food. 

Artists include:

Andrew Batcheller, oil painter

Angel Brame, potter

Bambi Lint, abstract

Bob AuBuchon, abstract

Chico Seay, otter

David Hoover, potter

Sherri Alexander, potter

Deby Gilley, printmaking

Holly Deckard, potter

Jessica Mahan, acrylic and watercolor

John Taliaferro, monumental woodturning

Leigh Ann West, potter

Linda Passeri, sculpture and acrylic

Louis Gress-Neil, jewelry

Mari Moore Mosby, potter

Marian Stahl Chamberlain, printmaking and pastels

Mike Ilkiw, wood turning

Rodney Lemonier, potter

Gabriel and Terry Bloodworth, blown glass

Terri Balden, potter

Wesley Horton, potter

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