Fresh Gallery Artist Alicia Farris Featured in "The Art of Watercolour" Magazine

Alicia Farris

Fresh Gallery Artist Alicia Farris has had an award-winning year! Earlier this summer, Farris received the acclaimed "Jack Richeson Honorable Mention award in the Missouri Watercolor Society International Exhibition," and this fall was chosen for First Prize in the Reader's Competition of the International publication, The Art of Watercolour magazine.

Her painting, "Meeting of the Minds" was the winning piece. "What an incredible honor to be featured in my favorite magazine," Alicia says. "If I can stop shaking enough to turn the pages, I'll enjoy looking at the rest of the issue!"

She will receive a 4-page feature in the December issue of The Art Of Watercolour and a 2-page feature in the European leading fine arts magazine, Pratique de Arts.

You can follow Alicia on Instagram, swing by Fresh Gallery to see her work, or participate in one of her upcoming workshops!

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