October Featured Artists: Linda Kirchner, Lea Dingman and Carl Huser

Silence is Golden

Featured Artist Reception: Please plan to drop by to meet the artists, Linda Kirchner, Lea Dingman and Carl Huser and enjoy light appetizers October 13 – 3-5:00pm. The artists will be on hand to discuss their work and it would be a perfect opportunity to make a quick stop before hitting one of the fabulous downtown restaurants!

October Fresh Gallery Features: Linda Kirchner, Lea Dingman and Carl Huser

Linda Kirchner:

A lifetime of jigsaw puzzles, travel and geometry combine to create Linda Kirchner’s unique art. As she works jigsaw puzzles, Linda focuses on subtle color changes, noting the various shades of green, brown, gold and yellow in one tree, for example. Add in her love of travel and a variety of topics from urban and rural settings find their way to her work. Her 28 years of teaching geometry brings in a playful obsession with parallel lines, polygons, arcs and circles. Her abstract art emerges as she lets the angles and curves create a new world. So, numerous color changes, a wide range of topics and boundless shapes produce a stain glass effect that will dance from her canvas into your heart!


Lea Dingman:

I paint to live and breathe. Before painting I saw black and white, now I see color. It is literally life and breath to me today. I am accepting gifts from God now. Every time my paints touch canvas, I truly believe that I am an artist and I receive the blessing of creativity unconditionally. Each painting comes with a word to my heart that I translate to what my eyes can see. Understanding each painting has a mission, a purpose, as it waits for the one it was intended for. I am blown away by the magic of it all as I have no choice but to catch the blessings as they fall.

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