Arts & Culture Grant Applications open through April 12th, 2019

Grant opportunities in Springfield, MO

The Arts and Culture grantmaking program provides funding support, collaborative partnership opportunities, and program assistance for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations that are members of the Springfield Regional Arts Council . This program is supported by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.


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What are the Arts & Culture Grants??

Supported by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, this is a grant-giving program that aids in organizational support, collaborative partnership opportunities, and program assistance for non-profit arts and culture organizations that are also members of the Springfield Regional Arts Council.


Awards are broken into 2 categories:

Category 1: Up to $5000 given for sustainability support. Think infrastructure, board & staff development, marketing strategies, creating an endowment for your organization, or other ways that can help ensure your organization can do its work for years to come.

Category 2: Up to $5000 given for programming support. Think special events, long-term public art, and collaborative opportunities with other community members. A portion of Category 2 funding can go toward salary, as long as it demonstrates that the position can be sustained long-term, and not just from the grant award.

For all awards received, you will be required to match up to $2500.

Please read our thorough description online for more information:


Who can apply??

Existing or emerging community-focused arts and cultural agencies. Qualifying agencies should have 501(c)3 or similar faith-based or government IRS non-profit status, AND be members of the SRAC (you can join here: )

If you have received an Arts & Culture grant from us in the past, you are still eligible to apply!


Who has received this grant in the past?

What a great question! Click here to see a list of previous recipients and their projects:


Do you have any helpful hints?

Yes! A committee determines the awards, and they are looking for ways that encourage SUSTAINABILITY, GROWTH, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION, and YOUTH/SENIOR OUTREACH. The stronger the collaboration, the better! Proposals should align with the goals of Springfield’s Cultural Plan. If you haven’t read it, we’ve broken down the Arts & Culture section into easy bullet points:

  • Continue to build the community of artists and supporters of the arts.
  • Fund and capitalize arts and cultural development.
  • Stabilize and strengthen strong and healthy arts and cultural organizations through collaboration, leadership, training, and communication.
  • Provide leadership for regional arts and cultural development.
  • Demonstrate and increase the awareness of the economic impact of the arts as one of the foundations/building blocks of overall economic and community development.
  • Contribute to the further creation of a vibrant Center City enriched by arts and culture.
  • Increase both resident and visitor interest, participation, and support in and for the arts and cultural events throughout the Springfield region.
  • Strengthen efforts for lifelong education, accessible to all ages and encompassing partnerships in higher education as well as pre-schools, schools, and the general community, with education provided in and through the arts.


Who decides the grant awards?

There is a committee that reviews the applications and determines the awards. I am not on that committee, and this email is purely advice.


I’m ready! How do I apply!?

Great! We hope you do! Make sure you read through the application process ( , put together your supporting materials if necessary, and become a member of the SRAC by April 12th. (Http:// ) or call me at 417862-2787 if you are unsure of your organization’s status. Then fill out the application here:


You are forgetting something.

Am I? Send me an email or call me and I will try to help you out!