Audition: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Book, Music and Lyrics by Rupert Holmes
Directed by Rick Dines, Music Directed by Alex Huff
Choreographed by Haley Rolland

Auditions: Monday & Tuesday, April 1 & 2, 2019, 6:00p.m. at SCT Center Stage
Rehearsals: begin May 5, 2019
Performances: June 14-16, 20-23, 27-30, 2019
Prepare: Please prepare a classic, ideally comic, musical theatre selection no longer than one minute in the style of the show. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring sheet music in your key. No A CAPELLA auditions.

About the show: Based on Charles Dickens’ unfinished final novel, The Mystery of Edwin Droodtells the story of young Edwin, an Englishman whose sudden disappearance throws the townspeople of Cloisterham into a panic. Suspicions arise about who is responsible for Drood’s vanishing – or is it murder? – with fingers pointing every which way. As the investigation pushes forward, everyone who came into contact with Drood joins the lineup of the suspects. Since Dickens so inconveniently laid down his pen and died before revealing the solution to the novel’s central mysteries, at each performance the audience makes their own decisions on the outcome of the show, creating a unique show experience nightly!

Roles (6 women, 9 men):
Looking for strong comedic singing actors, all types and ethnicities. All characters speak with British dialects.

Mr. William Cartwright (30’s-60’s, baritone) The emcee and host of the Music Hall Royale. The Chairman sets the scenes and keeps the pace of the show moving. Frequently jokes with the audience and is the guide through the mystery. Steps in to fill the comic role of Mayor Sapsea, a seasoned showman.
John Jasper (20’s-40’s, tenor/lyric baritone) The opium addicted choirmaster of Cloisterham Cathedral. He is madly in love with his music student and his nephew’s fiancé, Rosa Bud. Played by Clive Pagett, the charmingly egotistical leading man of the Music Hall Royale.
Edwin Drood (20’s-30’s, mezzo soprano) John Jasper’s cocky nephew who goes missing on Christmas Eve. He has been engaged to Rosa Bud since they were very young. Played by the quite temperamental Alice Nutting- London’s premier male impersonator.
Rosa Bud (20’s-30’s, lyric soprano) A sweet and innocent young lady who is uneasy about her music tutor’s (Jasper) passions towards her. Engaged to Edwin Drood, Rosa is unhappy with the arrangement. Played by Miss Diedre Peregrine, the ingénue of the Music Hall Royale.
The Princess Puffer (40’s-60’s, alto) The down-on-her-luck proprietress of the opium den that John Jasper frequents. Played by the bawdy Grande Dame of the Music Hall Royale, Miss Angela Prysock. A strong comedienne.
Helena Landless (20’s-30’s, mezzo soprano) The mysterious young woman from Ceylon with a “somewhat untraceable geographical accent.” The fiery and temperamental twin sister of Neville. Played by the lively Janet Connover.
Neville Landless (20’s-30’s, baritone) The other half of the mysterious family from Ceylon. Neville has a very hot temper and immediately falls for Rosa Bud. He is the main suspect after Drood’s disappearance. Played by Victor Grinstead, the newest member of the Music Hall Royale.
The Reverend Crisparkle (40’s-60’s, tenor/baritone) The sweet and kind minister at Cloisterham Cathedral who watches over the Landless twins. He once was in love with Rosa’s mother. Played by Cedric Montcrieffe- a character actor of the Music Hall Royale.
Bazzard (20’s-40’s, baritone/tenor) Aspiring playwright and assistant to Reverend Crisparkle. Played by Phillip Bax, the understudy for John Jasper and bit player waiting for his big break. If played correctly, a guaranteed audience favorite.
Durdles (40’s-60’s, baritone/tenor) The drunken stonemason who inscribes and oversees the crypts at Cloisterham Cathedral. Played by Nick Cricker, the clown prince of the Music Hall Royale.
Deputy (Teens-20’s, tenor/baritone) A young street urchin and apprentice to Durdles. Played by a relative of Nick Cricker who is just starting off in show business. The youngest member of the company.
Ladies And Gentlemen of the Ensemble (2 men, 2 women): Townspeople, opium den customers, dancers, servants, police, stage manager, etc. All ensemble members require a great deal of improvisation as they are responsible for joking with the crowd to warm them up and for tallying the hand votes for their designated section of the audience.

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