Springfield Art Museum Presents: Slow Viewing Night: The Divine Fox

The Divine Fox Art

Spend one hour with one work of art once a month at our new Slow Viewing Nights.

The Museum believes art is for everyone and interpretation is a practice anyone can do. Slow Viewing Nights are a practice of collaborative interpretation. Each month we will gather in front of an art piece for an hour and build a collective understanding of the work through sharing our observations, questions, and suggestions.

This activity is designed for anyone who wishes to spend more time with art, desires to participate in a curious learning environment, wants to move deeper into understanding all that art has to offer, or simply desires to slow down. Together we can accomplish this – one work of art at a time.

In April, we will focus on "The Divine Fox" by S.L. Dickey (pictured above), currently on view in "Creating an American Identity." Meet in the Museum Lobby at 5:50 PM. Seating will be provided.


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