Call your Senators Today!

Your advocacy help is needed by 10am on Thursday, March 28th!


There is a group of Missouri Senators threatening a second filibuster against arts funding, pitting the arts spending against infrastructure spending. The group is exploring cuts to the Missouri Arts Council staff and cuts to the MAC budget.


Will you all rally again to reach out to our local Senators and urge their support for Senate Bill 264 with no cuts to the Missouri Arts Council budget or staff?


Sen. Eric Burlison: 573-751-1503,

Sen. Sandy Crawford: 573-751-8793,

Sen. David Sater: 573-751-1480,

Sen. Lincoln Hough: 573-751-1311,

Sen. Ed Emery: 573-751-2108,

Sen. Bill White: 573-751-2173,

Sen. Mike Cunningham: 573-751-1882,


Helpful data: The arts generated $26.9 million in economic activity in Springfield and about $1 billion in economic activity for the entire state. Arts & culture also makes up about 3.3% of the state’s Gross State Product (according to NASAA). Do you have an arts impact story? Share that too!


Thank you for your help! 


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