Life Interrupted: Art for Social Change

Drury Architecture Professor Nancy Chikaraishi has created “Life Interrupted: Art for Social Change,” a series of art and cultural events exploring the Japanese-American Internment Camps of World War II. Beginning February 2, events include a roundtable discussion with local multicultural leaders, First Friday Art Walk installation with Drury student collaboration, dance workshop and story circle, and a professional dance performance by the renowned CORE Performance Company of Houston and Atlanta.

These richly-layered events draw from Nancy’s own history, whose parents and grandparents were interned in Rohwer, Arkansas. While rooted in this story, the work seeks to convey a universality of experience with deep resonance for contemporary issues such as post­war emigration and the xenophobia that erupts in response. Seventy-five years after Executive Order 9066, which authorized the Internment Camps, “Life Interrupted” asks how issues of civil rights violations, racial profiling, discrimination and immigration have shifted, changed, or remained constant. 

“Life Interrupted” dance performance has been performed in Texas and at multiple venues in Arkansas, including the University of Central Arkansas and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Here is the link for the performance in Wilhoit Theater on February 4:

All “Life Interrupted” events in Springfield are free and open to the public.

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