Josh Mitchell's "Neon Buses Gone Wild" revised and featured in Branson

Josh Mitchell's "Neon Buses Gone Wild"

Just look at that neon show! Visitors express their delight all the time driving around the theaters and the 'strip' to just look at the lights. A show would not be a show without this extravaganza of colored lighting and when it rains, that is the perfect time for seeing different. And see it different is what sets the art of Josh Mitchell apart from the ordinary. Scenes like the attached are extraordinary and just plain fun to hang on your best wall. The buses, reflections, and neon is all real! Sure it has been flavored by Mitchell's touch and vision.  

The end mixed media result is about as wild as Shoji Tabuchi's brilliant music solos inside his theater. When it rains it pours making for liquid color and new art. The original is a six foot custom pigment canvas coated with museum gloss. It will hang at the Branson Hilton Convention Center in the upcoming exhibition that features 13 artists picked by the Branson Arts Council.

For more information, contact Josh Mitchell by phone at 417-860-2121 or by email at