Book Signing with Jack Shoop

Jack Shoop’s “Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow” Book Signing Nov. 2 at Library Center

Jack Shoop will sell and sign copies of his first book, “Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow,” from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 2, in the Library Center concourse, 4653 S. Campbell Ave.

Jack Sprout is a sunflower sprout looking for his place in Beaver Creek Meadow. He made a life in Beaver Creek Meadow with the help of his critter neighbors Pierre Le Tru, Whoopee and Stretch, Sawdust Miller, Redtail McCallister and many others. Together, they will face challenges, solve problems and learn how to be good neighbors. Along the way, readers will learn about ecology, economics, science and being a good friend. During the book signing, kids and families can get a photo taken with Jack Sprout and his giant map of Beaver Creek Meadow.

For more information on this free event call 616-0566.

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