Studio 55 Presents: Artist Talk with Ken Richardson

Ken Richardson
November 13, 2019   Program 1:00 p.m.
Featured Speaker: Ken Richardson  
"Bears, Banjo and Big Heads” 
National Avenue Christian Church Gallery
1515 South National Ave.​ Springfield​​
Have you ever tried to play a sad song on the banjo? If so, you most likely discovered it simply  ain’t...gonna...happen!  Ken Richardson spent years playing the banjo.  Regardless of the the lyrics or theme, his music had a playful feeling that reflected the heart of the instrument.  
Ken’s transition from performance arts to visual arts produced a similar result. His recent steel, wood and painted caricatures have the same lighthearted feel as his banjo music.  Nicole Chilton, of the Springfield Regional Arts Council, recently described his work not as fine art but “Fun Art.”  Richardson wouldn’t have it any other way!

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