Action Alert: Write to Governor Parsons for Arts Council Financial Support

MCA President Leslie Forrester joined MCA Lobbyist Kyna Iman and the Cultural Partners (Humanities, Libraries, Public Broadcasting and Historical Preservation folks) last week to meet with State Budget Director Dan Haug and Governor Parson's Legislative Direcctor to discuss the budget projections for fiscal year 2021.  We explained since start of the fiscal year, July 1, the non-resident professional athlete and entertainers' tax has generated $16,055,011.10.

By state statute, the Missouri Arts Council should be receiving 60% of those funds; however, was appropriated $4.8 million last fiscal year.

MCA needs your ACTION in writing to Governor Parson to urge increased funding recommendations for the Missouri Arts Council and the Cultural Partners.  You can use the template below to draft your letter to Governor Mike Parson prior to the beginning of session - January 8, 2020.

Please feel free to use this template:


The Honorable Mike Parson
Governor of Missouri
State Capitol Building
Jefferson City, MO  65101

Dear Governor Parson:

Thank you for recommending $4.8 million for the Missouri Arts Council for FY2020.  On behalf of (__name of your organization__), I respectfully request your recommendation for full funding for MAC from the collection of the A&E tax for FY2021.  State statute 143.183 RSMo, states 60% of the funds collected shall be appropriated to the Missouri Arts Council.  To date (July 1 - November 30), over $16 million has been collected.

(**** Add a paragraph to explain how you spend your Arts Council grant, or what programs you would provide your community with an Arts Council grant.  You can also give examples of number of tourists who attended your event or economic impact of the arts in your community.***)

Although MAC funds currently meet only 37% of the requests, grants are provided in 100% of the Senate Districts and in 98% of the House Districts.  Increasing funding would support current applicants and increase reach throughout Missouri Communities. 

Once again, I appreciate your continued support for Missouri's arts industry.  Please support the Missouri Arts Council by recommending full funding for MAC for FY2021.  Feel free to contact me to discuss the economic impact of the arts in Missouri at (***  add your contact information here***)




You can also go online and fill out a contact form, filling in the text from above. Click here.

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