Charles R. Hall Young Artist Competition

To apply for and learn more about Springfield-Drury Civic Orchestra's Charles R Hall Young Artist Compeition, please click here or read below.

Competition Date
Sunday, January 19th, 2020
12 PM-complete
Clara Thompson Hall, Drury University
All players of standard orchestral instruments, piano, and saxophone through Grade 12 
Winners are NOT eligible to compete again the year after their successful audition; winners MAY compete again the 2nd year after their successful audition.
- concerto (or like) with orchestral accompaniment
-one concerto movement –OR- stand alone piece total length not to exceed 10 minutes 
-Please return this form with your $45 application fee(used to cover costs of judges and music) no later than January 10th.
-Entrants will be scheduled sequentially as applications are received
-If we determine that your intended repertoire is unavailable for purchase/rental or is prohibitively expensive, we will refund your application fee.
Competition Procedure/Adjudication
Entrants must:
1.  Perform from memory
2.  Perform with a piano accompanist (arranging for your own accompanist)
3.  Provide 3 copies of the music for the judges (photocopies only/music will NOT be returned)
Failure to comply with #'s 1-3 above will result in disqualification without refund of application fee!
All entrants will receive comment sheets from the judges.
-Entrants should arrive at least 20 minutes early to check-in; practice rooms will be available for warm-up
-Auditions are closed (no audience)
-No contact with the judges is permitted during the competition
-1 winner will be selected for the 2020 competition
-the winner will perform on the Feb. 5 concert