Springfield Art Museum presents Slow Viewing Night

"tilted sky" installation by Anne Lindberg at Springfield Art Museum

Spend an hour with one work of art once a month at the Springfield Art Museum's new Slow Viewing Nights. In March, the focus is on the "tilted sky" installation by Anne Lindberg.

The Museum believes art is for everyone and interpretation is a practice anyone can do. Slow Viewing Nights are a practice of collaborative interpretation. Each month they will gather in front of an art piece for an hour and build a collective understanding of the work through sharing our observations, questions, and suggestions.

This activity is designed for anyone who wishes to spend more time with art, desires to participate in a curious learning environment, wants to move deeper into understanding all that art has to offer, or simply desires to slow down. 

Meet in the Museum Lobby at 5:50 PM. Seating will be provided.


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