March Featured Artist Reception at Fresh Gallery

Fresh Gallery March Featured Artists Reception in Springfield, MO

Join Fresh Gallery's March featured artists, Nancy and Cheryl on Thursday, March 12th, 5-7 pm for a wine & appetizer reception.

Nancy Brown Dornan

It began at the Art Museum. Blank paper and tempera colors. At that time, the Springfield Art Museum was in the cavernous basement of Old City Hall. This sacred space was a big step for a nine-year-old girl. Her neighbor invited her over to make records of paper, place them on the turntable, spin the records and make designs with pencil and crayon. Those spaces were then filled in. So began the journey with non-representational art.
Fifty-five years later, after a lifetime of enjoying art museums and plays, that girl again picked up a paintbrush, again at the Springfield Art Museum. This time, instructor Stephanie Cramer, said: “You will paint big with lots of color.” And I do. I love to see color and texture merge. I love to experiment, sometimes with different materials, different tools, but always with bold color and bold shapes. I like the process; the work lets me know what might happen next.
Non-representational work lets each viewer interpret the painting according to their background, values, and perceptions. It is a springboard for communicating. It is a celebration of color and texture and intent; It is a pleasure to produce!

Cheryl Vowels

Cheryl started working in class about 40 years ago. It was her love for the medium and the way that the light danced through it on which her passion built. Her technical skills were developed using historical methods, but her more recent works are done utilizing the method developed by Tiffany.
Cheryl‘s love for the natural world can be seen and felt through all of her pieces. She utilizes not only glass but agates, stones, shells and numerous other articles that can be wrapped in the Tiffany method.
Her process has evolved from the traditional to the modern. Her pieces are a study in mechanics and engineering of contemporary design and glass. No need for a window, her pieces are made with dazzling glass that is completely light-independent and are showcased with stands or can be hung on walls. The soldering technique she has evolved not merely performs the physical structure but is in itself and incorporation of the total design. She loves how the interaction between glass and light explodes when the right pieces come together.
She has been juried into Best of Missouri Hands and her designs are featured in the international magazine Stained Glass News. Her out-of-the-box creations create a one-of-a-kind piece. 

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