Missouri Fine Arts Academy Needs Your Help!

Arts Advocacy in Missouri

Make your voice heard for the future of arts education in Missouri!

The conversation continues about funding for the Missouri Fine Arts and Missouri Scholars Academies. There was a recommendation to include $200,000 in the budget, but the Chairman of the House Budget Committee has removed it.

Below is a list of all the members of the Committee. Will you consider making a call to some or all of these legislators to encourage their support to restore the funding? The vote is SUNDAY so it would be most beneficial if you could make your calls today.

Here’s a quick script you can use:


“My name is _________ and I’m calling about funding for the Missouri Fine Arts and Missouri Scholars Academies. I would like to encourage Representative ______________ to support restoring funding for these two vital education programs. Both programs provide important education opportunities and encourage students to remain in our great state. Without funding support from the legislature, only students who can afford to pay a large tuition have the opportunity to apply, leaving out many populations of students based solely on their ability to pay.”

A link to access their phones is linked here.

Thank you for your support! Let's make Missouri a place where art lives and thrives!


Smith, Rep. Cody            R    Chair
Wood, Rep. David            R    Vice-Chair
Kendrick, Rep. Kip          D    Ranking Minority Member
Aldridge, Rep. Rasheen      D    
Andrews, Rep. Allen         R    
Black, Rep. John            R    (Springfield Rep)
Black, Rep. Rusty           R    
Bland Manlove, Rep. Ashley   D    
Bosley, Rep. LaKeySha       D    
Burnett, Rep. Ingrid        D    
Cupps, Rep. Scott           R    
Deaton, Rep. Dirk           R    
Evans, Rep. David           R    
Gregory, Rep. David         R    
Griesheimer, Rep. Aaron     R    
Hudson, Rep. Brad           R    
Kelly, Rep. Hannah          R    
Lavender, Rep. Deb          D    
Mayhew, Rep. Don            R    
McGaugh, Rep. Peggy         R    
Merideth, Rep. Peter        D    
O'Donnell, Rep. Michael     R    
Patterson, Rep. Jonathan     R    
Pierson Jr., Rep. Tommie     D    
Richey, Rep. Doug           R    
Riggs, Rep. Louis           R    
Roberts, Rep. Lane          R    
Rogers, Rep. Wes            D    
Ross, Rep. Robert           R    
Sharpe, Rep. Greg           R    
Shields, Rep. Brenda        R    
Spencer, Rep. Bryan         R    
Swan, Rep. Kathryn          R    
Trent, Rep. Curtis          R    (Springfield Rep)
Walsh, Rep. Sara            R    
Washington, Rep. Barbara     D

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