Grave Tales

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Tales to thrill, tales to creep, tales to make your blood run frigid. This is Grave Tales, a theatrical evening of eldritch horror. It’s a trip into madness where monsters dwell in darkened corners and trepidation is the norm.

In this cringe-inducing episode of Grave Tales: An abused woman takes to the art of witchcraft to turn the tables on her husband in “I Put A Spell On You”. Then a concerned case worker stumbles into a web of madness deep in the Missouri woods with “Jack”. Last but not least, a man is sucked into a music-themed nightmare of despair with “The Earworm.” Come witness the terror, brutality, and dark comedy you have come to expect with the next skull-blowing episode of Grave Tales!

Shows at 7:30 and 9 p.m.

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