Call for Teaching Artists: The Kennedy Center's Collection

The Kennedy Center is seeking teaching artists to contribute to a library of arts-focused online lessons and activities for families and educators. The lessons and activities in the library should provide introductory steps that get young people (and the young at heart) interested in arts learning. 

We are looking for digital content for students in grades 2-5 that...

  • demonstrates arts-related activities that can be done at home,
  • is engaging and fun, and encourages viewers to be creative beyond the time on screen,
  • is specifically developed and designed for online learning,
  • represents the diverse community of artists and art forms,
  • is accessible and represents a range of abilities,
  • focuses on the creative needs of children, but remains interesting to adults.

This is an open-ended initiative.

A single lesson or multi-session lessons may be proposed. Lessons for all art forms are welcome, and teaching artists with or without experience creating online content may submit proposals.

The lessons should:

  • target children in grades 2-5 (or be accessible to younger children with adult support, but still be engaging for children in middle school)
  • ideally be is 3-5 minutes in length, with a maximum of 10 minutes
  • require minimal parent support, with any required materials easily available at home
  • carry forward into the home without a child needing to look at their computer/phone screen for extended periods of time 
  • spark interaction with peers, with “challenges” that viewers can explore at home
  • be enjoyed multiple times (in times of stress, we find comfort in routine and familiarity. While we want the content to be relevant to the current time, it should not so specific that the it becomes quickly outdated).


To learn more and apply, visit the Kennedy Center's website: