Holiday Classics Drawing Class with Arts Inspired Academy

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Students will learn to draw various characters from popular classic holiday cartoons in this online class. Students may have the assistance of a support individual as needed. Students provide pencil and paper. This class meets four times. $28.   

Dates: 12/15/2020 to 12/18/2020
Schedule: Tu We Th Fr 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

All Class Dates:

12/15/2020   10:00 AM  10:30 AM
12/16/2020   10:00 AM  10:30 AM
12/17/2020   10:00 AM  10:30 AM
12/18/2020   10:00 AM  10:30 AM

Age range: All Ages

Located in : Zoom, email invitation
Instructor: Richard White

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If you are a new student. . . welcome!

call the Arts Inspired office at 417-886-0404, extension 4 or click the New Account button on the log in page to create your student account before registration. 


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