Rocking Around the Winter Dance Class with Arts Inspired Academy

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Since winter dances probably won’t be happening--let’s have a winter dance party in this online class! Students will work to their best ability to share movement steps and create dance combinations to our favorite snowing songs ending in an at home Dress up Dance Party on Friday! Students may have the assistance of a support individual as needed. This class meets four times. $28.  

Dates: 12/8/2020 to 12/11/2020
Schedule: Tu We Th Fr 04:00 PM - 04:30 PM

All Class Dates:

12/8/2020   04:00 PM  04:30 PM
12/9/2020   04:00 PM  04:30 PM
12/10/2020   04:00 PM  04:30 PM
12/11/2020   04:00 PM  04:30 PM

Age range: All Ages

Located in : Zoom, email invitation
Instructor: Jamie McGranahan

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If you are a new student. . . welcome!

call the Arts Inspired office at 417-886-0404, extension 4 or click the New Account button on the log in page to create your student account before registration. 


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