Introduction to Drawing at Creava Studio

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Introduction to DrawingIn this course we will learn the foundations of drawing. Starting with knowledge of materials and progressing on to values, light and shadow, reflections and reflective light among other aspects. This class is well suited for the beginner as well as a seasoned artist wanting to brush up on the basics. The class will be comprised of various smaller assignments leading up to and culminating with a large drawing for a final project. You cannot have dark without the light and vice versa. Once you have a solid foundation in drawing, painting will become much easier and you will have the freedom to create on the paper or canvas what is inside of your head, heart and soul.

This is a 4 week class and will be held each week from 6 to 8. It is appropriate for all people age 14 and up. All supplies will be provided. The cost is $120.

This class starts Friday, October 22th and ends Friday, November 12th

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