Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Staged Parodies – "Empty Places"

A Class Act Productions presents Buffy The Vampire Slayer

— Two shows left of this favorite and long-running Springfield production —

It’s chaos in Sunnydale. The Hellmouth is active and residents are fleeing the city for their lives. Needing information about the powerful new enemy, Caleb, Willow uses magic to gain a lead from a police officer while Giles sends Spike and Andrew on a mission. At the Summers’ home, Faith sees the need for the Potential Slayers to relax so they pay a visit to the Bronze, however, Faith grabs the attention of the police where a huge fight ensues between the police and Faith and the Potentials. 

Later, back at the house, Buffy reveals her plan for the group to revisit the vineyard – where they lost horribly in a battle that killed two Potentials – but the group passes a vote of no confidence in Buffy, casting her out. With Faith as the new defacto leader of the group, they devise a plan to gain information from a Bringer that leads them to the sewers. Elsewhere, Buffy follows through with her mission to vineyard where she encounters the powerful Caleb, alone. In the sewers, Faith and the Potentials are ambushed by an army of Bringers with certain peril awaiting them in the dark.

Will Buffy survive her confrontation with Caleb? Will Faith and the Potentials make it out of the sewers alive? See this and more in the Buffy series penultimate show on Saturday, March 18!

Now in the final seventh year, catch favorite episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer performed live on stage on the third Saturday of the month!

Presented by A Class Act Productions

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